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Our Leadership


The strength and stability of New Shepherd Films comes from the team--not any one member.  While each member of the Executive Team has been gifted by God to serve New Shepherd Films, it's only through the combined and coordinated efforts that the company excels.


Although New Shepherd Films is new to the industry, our management is one of the most experienced and dynamic teams around.  In just our co-founders alone, Jim Huggins and Russell Dougherty, we have nearly 50 years of combined experience overseeing artistic and technical projects.  Jim and Russ enjoy a wide range of experiences in film and entertainment production, project management, and computer and information technology.


The third member of the team, Leslee, brings an artistic flair developed through an extensive musical background encompassing more than 20 years.  On a more practical note, as an experienced business owner, she also brings a business-savvy perspective to daily operations.

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