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'Forgotten Heroes - The Robert Hartsock Story' has exploded out of post-production and into distribution.  This amazing documentary has lit festivals on fire and is receiving awards everywhere it goes.  Coming soon to DVD and digital, this will be a story you won't want to miss!

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Premiere Event - The Robert Hartsock Story

On behalf of New Shepherd Films and the family of Cumberland area native and Medal of Honor recipient SSgt Robert Hartsock, I’d like to thank our attendees to our premiere event of “Forgotten Heroes – The Robert Hartsock Story” presented on Saturday, June 15th in Cumberland, MD


This was a special event for us...reuniting the men of the 44th IPSD 50 years after the Battle of Dau Tieng and sharing this story with so many who never knew the whole story.

The photos above are from the Red Carpet prior to the screening.  Please feel free to scroll through and relive the event!

Jim Huggins                       


"The Robert Hartsock Story"                                                                             "Inspirational, Heartfelt Story"