we need to accept gifts

 from strangers.

Screenplay by Jim Huggins

based on 'The Christmas Express' by Paul Morin

The 211 Home

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Jim Huggins, Russ Dougherty, Leslee Huggins, and Jeff Schneider are New Shepherd Films. Jim, Russ, and Jeff are the heart of the creative development team while Leslee provides unwavering support as a key member of the management team. 


What we do is TELL STORIES!  Specifically, we tell true stories that highlight God at work in everyday lives. Everyday!

Given the pace of our society today...with all the demands and pressures we face each day...it's easy to lose sight of the fact that God really does exist and that He's involved in our lives. Engaging stories are a great way to slow down and see the world around you from a different perspective!


At a recent media interview in Los Angeles, Dr. Huggins was asked by a reporter why he felt faith-based, family films belonged in Hollywood.  Dr. Huggins responded:

"Society is a reflection of the stories it tells itself.  Are you happy with how society is going?  No?  Then change the stories."

Telling stories that highlight God at work in everyday lives without beating the viewer over the head with the Bible is what drives our efforts.  We will not deliver a "sermon in a box".

But we WILL display God in everyday life.